How Can You Improve Your Eyebrows?

While people don’t often pay much thought to them, eyebrows are a part of the body that everyone notices. More often than not, you’ll come across someone who has notable eyebrows. Their eyebrows might be strangely shaped, coloured, or just styled differently. Some people might make it more obvious that they draw their eyebrows in, whereas other people might look as if they could use some eyebrows drawn in. Everyone has different eyebrows, but despite how often people notice them, nobody really talks about them all that much.

The truth is, because your eyebrows play a part in socialisation, people are going to notice them. This makes it important to make sure that your eyebrows look exactly the way you want them to. Sadly, some people don’t have the luxury of being able to style their eyebrows any way they wish. This is often caused by having very thin eyebrows or having very thin hair on your eyebrows. When you find yourself in this type of situation, you might feel at a loss as to what you should do. Thankfully, there are solutions to growing out your eyebrows and having more eyebrow hair grow. For instance, you could try out an eyebrow growth serum.

What Types of Serums Are There?

There are five major types of serums that are all based on different components. Because of this, some serums will be more expensive than others, which can be a limiting factor when you are searching for the perfect solution to your eyebrows. Some of these serums are designed for certain purposes, such as combatting hair loss. This type of serum is known as prostaglandin analogs, and it is designed to stimulate hair growth. This can be extremely helpful if you are suffering from some form of hair loss that also affects your eyebrows. However, this might not be helpful for people who are not suffering from hair loss.

In these cases, there are several other types of serums that you could try instead. Some serums are based of certain materials that can be found in your body, such as keratin. Keratin is what makes up your nails as well as your hair, meaning that it should prove some use when you need to grow out your eyebrows. Keratin has been shown to rebuild hairs so that they can grow thicker and healthier, resulting in the bushy eyebrows that you have always wanted.

Another type of serum that is based on something found in your body is peptide-based serum. Peptides are a type of amino acid that is found throughout the human body. This means that a serum based on those peptides will surely help you with the problems you are experiencing. Peptide serums have been shown to renew hair follicles, restoring them to their best condition so that they can produce the hair that you want from your eyebrows.

Lastly, there might be some instances where you want to nourish a damaged hair follicle back to full health while fortifying it in the process so that there is a reduced chance of something happening to it. If you find yourself facing such a problem, you can rest assured knowing that there is an eyebrow serum for you. Biotin eyebrow serums are designed to not only nourish the hair of the eyebrow itself, but also fortify the follicle so that you can have strong, healthy hair growing out of your eyebrows. Before you know it, your eyebrows will be looking better than they ever have when you rely on a serum made specifically for growing eyebrows out. However, if you would rather not use a store-bought serum, there are still ways that you can grow out your eyebrows.

Can You Make Your Own Eyebrow Serum?

Many of the base ingredients to these serums have a few things in common. If you find that you would rather work on a natural remedy instead of using chemicals to better your eyebrows, there are still ways that you can get this done. There are a few ingredients that you will want to include in your homemade eyebrow serum. Firstly, you will want to include castor oil into your mix. This type of oil is one of the main ingredients in the majority of serums that you can find in stores. While most people know that oil isn’t the best thing to put on your skin, castor oil has been shown to penetrate the skin all the way down to hair follicles. By getting into the hair follicles, castor oil can nourish the follicle and the hair, creating strong hairs that will make your eyebrows look absolutely stunning. Castor oil can also restore growth to the hairs in your eyebrows, meaning that you will get long-term results out of using it.

In addition to castor oil, you will want to include some vitamin oil in your serum as well. One of the best vitamin oils that you can use for your eyebrow serum is vitamin E oil. Vitamin E has been shown to widen blood vessels. When you decide to widen the blood vessels near your eyebrows, you can increase the blood flow to the hair follicles, stimulating more growth. When you want to create a homemade serum that will increase eyebrow growth, you can’t go wrong with some vitamin E oil.

If you want to add something else to the mix to get the best results possible, you might want to add some argan oil to your serum. Similar to castor oil, argan oil will penetrate the skin and work with your hair follicles so that they can produce thick hair for your eyebrows. Argan oil in particular will ensure that your hair follicles don’t get clogged, while nourishing the follicle so that it can produce healthy hair without being hindered by dirt or grime. By choosing to incorporate your own serum with these oils to your daily routine, you can rest assured knowing that your eyebrows will be looking beautiful in a matter of time. No matter if you choose to use a store-bought serum to restore hair growth to your eyebrows or you would rather create a serum yourself, you will be able to have the eyebrows you have always wanted.

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