Authentic neck pain treatment

The pain in neck, no matter how minor it may appear,  will subtly affect the quality of your life as well as work. It is prudent not to ignore even trivial ache in neck and take treatment. It usually occurs due to abnormalities, inflammation or injury to bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves of neck. The symptoms of neck pain apart from headache include numbness, dizziness, lump in neck, swollen lymph glands, difficulty in breathing or swallowing, pain radiating to arms or legs and inability in moving head, neck or limbs.

In order to provide neck pain treatment Singapore, we at Pain Specialist have experienced clinicians for neck pain. We also have physiotherapists and chiropractors to provide non-medicinal neck pain treatment Singapore. We are fully equipped with latest facilities for blood tests, X-Rays, CT & MRI scan and electromyography to treat neck pain.

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